We Create High-Value Functions For Your Trawl Operation.

MLD Base Technology

MLD takes the dynamic designs of the aero-industry to the subsea environment utilizing our patented flap design. The combination of our flap design and hydraulic system makes a dynamic product that includes remote steering possibilities.

MLD Trawl Doors are based on flight technology and designed with unique hydrodynamic design and properties because of our significantly different design from traditional trawl doors.

Starting from our base model, our doors have higher-performance compared to with traditional trawl doors. MLD offers the following:

  • Very easy handling due to the very low angle of attack (AOA) at 18⁰
  • Very high lift (CL) of 2.8
  • Very high lift to drag ratio (CL/CD) of 3.3 

” I have been fishing with the MLD doors for more than one year and i can confidently say these doors are amongst the best I have ever used.”

Eydun Gullaksen, First Mate on FAGRABERG.

MLD Adjustable/Steerable Technology

Each trawl door has 2 flaps (1 upper flap and 1 lower flap) that enables control of the trawl door in both horizontal and vertical directions as follows:

  • The upper flap controls movement in downward direction.
  • The lower flap controls movement is upward direction.
  • The 2 flaps in combination controls movement in horizontal direction.

The 2 flaps enable unheard of flexibility as follows:

  • Adjustable lift (CL) from 2.8 with flaps in 0⁰ to 4.0 with flaps in 45⁰
  • CL/CD of 3.3 with flaps at 0⁰ and 2.4 with flaps at 45⁰

“We experienced a unique way of fishing bluewhiting. Where other vessels had difficulties with the hard current to get the trawl positioned as wished. We used the wireless flap system to control the doors and the trawl, so we could position the trawl the way we wanted to and the spreading we needed.”


MLD has a Wide Range Of Trawl Doors:

From Traditional To Adjustable Designs.

All Of Our Doors have the Advantage Of Our Base Design.

Single-size Door

Our Basic Door. The door is available in multiple sizes and configurations.

Benefit from a cost-effective MLD trawl door base design.

Multi-size Door (MSD)

Featuring the possibility of mechanical adjustments, MLD Multi-size door is able to add functionality and performance.

MLD recommends adjustments to be done on harbor.

Multi Purpose Door (MPD)

MLD MPD features multiple doors in one.

All adjustments are controlled with ease through our hydraulic system both in harbor and at sea.

Our technology allows you to adjust your door using a manual pump that modifies door sizes while secured in the gallows.

Trawl Steering System (TSS)

The ultimate trawl door that gives you full control of your trawl while you fish.

Adapt to weather conditions, tide changes and other factors to get the perfect spread for a faster and efficient trawling.

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