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Welcome To MLD

MLD stands for Multi-Purpose Door. We believe in innovation as a path to create new opportunities for the fishing industry. Our vision for the future aims to develop the next generation of integrated fishing equipment bringing the trawl fishing industry closer to the dream of many fishermen: complete control of their trawl doors while fishing.

Our advantages are more than being market pioneers of our trawl steering technologies. In addition, MLD has one of the most efficient trawl doors available in the market. Based on this design, we have created many possible configurations aimed to improve the profitability and ease of operation onboard trawlers.

Our Story

MLD was established in 2015 and has continued to grow ever since.

MLD develops our trawl doors through a collaboration of our experienced team of engineers cooperating alongside skippers and experts from the subsea industry.

Our headquarters are located in Esbjerg, Denmark. where our doors are manufactured with the highest standards of quality. Our products have been test the North Atlantic since December 2016 proving all the value-added features of the MLD Trawl doors and Trawl Steering System.